High Line Utilities Inc. has been serving the Vancouver Island community since 1982. Founded by Mike Vojnovich, High Line Utilities Inc. has been in the tree and arboriculture industry for over 35 years. They have worked all over British Columbia and the Yukon, servicing various communities. Mike’s son Milan grew up learning the family business, usually with a hands-on approach.  Branching out into the pipeline and construction industries, Milan began to run heavy equipment. He quickly realized his love for operating heavy equipment and began pursuing his passion as an operator and entrepreneur. Mike and Milan passions include hard work, the outdoors, and giving back to the community one project at a time.

In 2013, Milan and his fiancé Delaney, bought a small acreage and planted their first vegetable garden. They wanted to grow healthy food with no pesticides or chemical additives, leaving the crops 100% natural.  After the first season, Milan realized that a nutrient-rich soil yielded larger crops with less water and no fertilizers. He began experimenting with the composting of steer and chicken manure  as well as greens and browns from the tree company.  Ultimately, creating some great top-soil and mulch blends.  The next season, Milan and Delaney planted and received an amazing crop of fresh organic veggies and fruits, using the newly created soil and mulch. From those first successful crops, a passion grew.


Fast forward to the present. Milan and his father Mike, with 60 years of combined knowledge and skills in the forestry, landscaping, and construction industries, have ventured into the organic materials field. They have made careers removing trees and vegetation, planting and creating new landscapes in its place.  The pair does this by using two seemingly separate systems of removal and installation. Through Milan’s experimentation to find the “perfect soil” they were able to repurpose organic materials, collected from removal projects through High Line Utilities Inc. The repurposed material would be turned into nutrient-rich products for use in future projects.  Thus creating their own closed loop recycling system and a greener way of doing business.

A new chapter began and High Line Environmental was born.

In order to create premium quality products, Milan has worked with environmental engineers and lab technicians to perfect his recipes producing nutrient rich soils, soil amendments, and garden blends.

Nutrient rich mulches have also been developed as ground cover and decorative landscaping material.  Not only is this visually appealing, but also beneficial for plant growth as well.

High Line Environmental not only produces and sells these products, they also take in your unwanted organic yard clippings. The idea is to have a ‘one stop shop’ where home owners and contractors can get rid of their green waste and pick up dependable and environmentally sustainable products.  Providing them with quality products to use for their landscaping projects, lawns , and gardens. Other landscape materials such as decorative aggregates can also be locally sourced on a per project basis.

Whether it be a small home garden or a large commercial crop, High Line Environmental has all of the products to suit your needs.

Milan - Co-founder of High Line Environmental