Firewood - Fir, Maple, Alderwood, Arbutus, Yellow Cedar


We regularly carry fir, alder, maple and yellow cedar. Occasionally we have arbutus wood as well.  All of our wood is legally sourced and dry sorted ( none of our wood has been in the ocean)

All deliveries are measured and checked for moisture content before being  loaded to ensure proper quantity and quality. We offer full delivery service as well as pick up at our yard . Please contact us for more information or to place your order.

*** We encourage ordering in the spring or early summer as the fall gets booked very quickly. ***


pro mix garden soil

Screened Top Soil (our basic blend)

Our screened topsoil comes from a stockpile of organic materials which have been screened through a ½ inch (12mm) diameter screen. You can easily manage this top soil and is a great starting point for raised beds, gardens, and potting mixes.

sandy lawn soil

Sandy Lawn Soil

Similar to our Pro Mix garden soil, Sandy Lawn Soil is a mixture of peat moss, screened organic topsoil, chicken manure with a higher content of fine washed sand. Because of the soil’s higher sand content, it allows for better drainage and root structure for newly seeded lawns or freshly laid turf while discouraging soft, muddy patches in your new lawn. The Sandy Lawn soil is best for producing rich, green lawns in a short amount of time.

pro mix garden soil

Pro Mix Garden Soil (our most popular soil)

The nutrient rich soil provides great drainage, while retaining moderate amounts of moisture under dry conditions. Pro Mix Garden Soil provides a slow release of nutrients over time, creating a good structure around root systems and promoting air circulation. Our garden blend is ready to use on all types of outdoor plants, flowers and trees; Especially great for building new beds, vegetable gardens, patching lawns, planting and can also be used as a potting mix. The soil blend is made up of 25% sphagnum peat moss, 50% screened organic topsoil, 15% fine washed sand, and 10% chicken manure.

Nutri Mix – (our highest quality soil blend)

Nutri Mix is a special mixture of screened organic loam, fine compost, peat moss, fine washed sand and a screened fine mulch. The mixture is great for water retention, while the compost and fine mulch enrich the soil to sustain better, healthier, more vigorous plant growth. Also, The capacity for water retention while allowing for soil aeration and drainage makes the workability of our Nutri Mix soil superior to regular topsoil. Our highest quality soil blend has the extra nutrients you require for successful gardens, flower beds and veggies.


Steer Manure Compost

Steer Manure Compost is 100% locally made organic and produced in conjunction with a locally owned family farm. The compost adds vital micro nutrients that plants require for growth, and organic matter that improves soil, structure and drainage. A yearly application of compost will make lawns, shrubs, trees, and particularly vegetable and flower gardens flourish. Compost is intended as a soil supplement, NOT as a soil replacement. Compost should be worked into the soil in spring, and used as a mulch in fall.

Steer Compost Image

Fish Compost

The microbe and nutrient rich fish compost is a powerful organic fertilizer, and can be used as a soil amendment for plants, lawns and gardens. This product has a neutral ph level and is high in nitrogen. Our fish compost is made with locally sourced Vancouver Island products; we do not use fish farm products in our blend.


fir bark mulch

Fir Bark Mulch

A natural reddish-brown mulch, this product is made in house from locally sourced Vancouver Island bark. We screen to a beautiful medium bark size used in all types of shrub and planting beds. Our fir bark effectively reduces weed growth and retains moisture during the summer months. The reddish-brown colour provides a stunning contrast for the beautiful west coast look.

dark bark mulch

Dark Bark Mulch

A composted blend of fir and hemlock with a rich, peat-like texture, great for topping & mulching flower beds or for mixing into gardens. Screened to a 1” minus size, our dark bark has a rich, dark, peat-like appearance in landscape beds. This mulch adds organic matter and contains compost that enriches garden beds and adds nutrients while supressing weeds and retaining moisture content so that you can water less through the summer months. UWe recommend raking mulch regularly to maintain the ‘dark’ look. Ultimately, Dark Bark Mulch is the best choice for landscape beds and gardens which need added nutrition and moisture retention.

cedar mulch

Cedar Chip

Excellent for weed control; ideal uses for cedar chips include pathways, playgrounds and around raised garden beds. Because of the natural oils in cedar this product is slow to decompose compared to other mulches. Medium to coarse grind, this chip breaks down very slowly and helps to create a soft ground cover in wet or spongy areas. It also works well on slopes due to its coarser nature and is less prone to movement in windy areas.

Cedar chip is the ideal product for children’s playgrounds as it creates a soft, clean, environment which is safe for children to play on. Cedar play chips are a proven, cost-effective, clean option which prevents injuries from falls. The optimal depth for cedar chip on playgrounds is 12 inches.

Bark Mulch Recommendations:

  • To aid in weed control and optimal moisture retention apply a layer of mulch that is 2-4” deep
  • Best to apply in early spring or fall before heavy growth begins
  • Leave space around the base of your plants and avoid crowding plant bases with mulch
  • Rake 1 to 2 times per year between applications
  • Apply 1-2” per year after initial installation to retain proper depth and appearance